García_Fernández are Begonya Garcia (Barcelona) and Alfonso Fernández (Seville). Both are graduates in Fine Arts in the UB (2012), and hold a graduate study in Education and Culture in the UdG (32013) and a Mater in Investigation and Creation in the UCM (2015). They have shown their work in several occasions in centers like; el Centro Cultural de España in Panamá, Fran Reus Gallery, La Laboral, the Da2, the Antoni Tàpies Foundation, Trama Centro (Mexico) or Centre d’ Arts Santa Monica, among many others. They have done performances in Museo Nacional Reina Sofía, Art Madrid, Intermediate o Espai Eart among others. They have been granted subsidies for independent spaces of contemporary creation in the City of Madrid, Residencia Arte educación in Museo Thyssen, Ayudas a la creación contemporánea del Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Subvención y Ayudas for the creation of the CAM, XXVI Circuitos Award, Creación Injuve Award, Sala d’ Arte Joven Award, Hamaca-Museo Reina Sofia Award, among others. They have taught workshops in Museo Nacional Reina Sofía, Museo Cármen Thyssen, Centro Cultural de España in Panama, Art Madrid, or Injuve among others. They have been selected as resident artists in La Térmica (Málaga), Museo Carmen Thyssen (Málaga), Espacio Oculto (Madrid), Residencia Arte and development (Madrid) Fabra y Coats (Barcelona) NauEstruch (Sabadell).