María Alcaide

Aracena, Spain. 1992


The multimedia artist Maria Alcaide focuses her artwork into the young insecurity and the social discussion that arises from the European current drift towards xenophobic, nacionalist and conservative movements. From the most intimate place, Alcaide constructs her speech which is always based on personal experiences and takes shape with her own economic and spatial limitations as a body.

She is licensed in Fine Arts in Sevilla University, she studied the Licence in Arts Plastiques in Université París VIII and a Master’s degree in Arts and Design Investigation in Eina-UAB in Barcelona. Her work as a researcher has been introduced in academic research environment as  l’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (París), Universität Der Künste (Berlín), Universidad Complutense de Madrid or the Fundación Tapies (Barcelona).

On an international level, she has shown her artwork in Helsinki (Muu Kaapeli), Berlín (ACUD) or San Francisco (EAS, Reed College). She has been award-winning in Jeune Création and Salon de Montrouge 64 (París), also she has been in some artistic residence as Berlín (Agora Collective), Leipzig (LeFugitif) andl Sáhara Occidental (Artifariti).

She has taken part in some group exhibitions in the national territory as Centro de Arte Complutense, CAAC, Can Felipa, LOOP Barcelona, in the art gallery  Fran Reus or BlueProject Foundation. She has won the award Generación 2021 and the production fellowship from LaCaixa Foundation 2020, as the creation prize from Sala d’Art Jove and the Injuve grant. She has realized residences in Fabra i Coats-Sant Andreu Contemporani, La escocesa, el Centro Andaluz de Creación Contemporánea, Bar Projects or Bilbaoarte. Her latest solo projects have been shown this year in the gallery Àngels Barcelona and in the art Fair SWAB Barcelona inside the Ephemeral program.