Natalia Domínguez

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. 1990


Natalia Dominguez (Jerez de la Frontera, 1990) is graduated in Fine arts in Granada University, she has studied in Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten en Tilburg, in Netherlands and she has a Master degree in arts creation and research in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

Her artistic works arise from the romanticism of  trying to go towards and possess the other as an unknown entity, but also from the estrangement from the common. The act of analyzing thoroughly an element that we could see and recognise like usual, makes it extraordinary, the same as repeating our name indeterminate times in repeating forms, that places us in an estrangement situation with our own identity and the approval that we use to name and describe ourselves. From this semantic saturation arises her artworks; from the necessity of re-builds meanings,  twist and re-thinking them. Because language is a social agreement, this is malleable, changeable consequently chameleonic. As a result, the objects are to Natalia Dominguez a container of meanings considering that these qualities forms  are also descriptives and there are in consequence and inevitably full of symbolic contents.

Nowadays she is working on a grant project for Sala d’Art Jove in Barcelona. She is an artist resident in Fábrica de Creación Analógica La Escocesa. During 2020 she has joined the I Ayuda a la producción 2020 in Fundación BilbaoArte, the grant for the research and innovation inside the visual arts in the Generalitat de Catalunya. She has been an artist in residence in Hangar Barcelona. Previously she has been part of artistic programs due to different calls; I Programa de producción UAVA/C3A, la Fundación BilbaoArte y El Ranchito Brasil – Programa de residencias de Matadero Madrid/AECID.

Her artworks have been awarding in XXXIV Muestra de Arte Joven en La Rioja, thel Programa INICIARTE, III Convocatoria Sala d’Arcs para proyecto expositivo de la Fundación Chirivella Soriano y el XIV Certamen Internacional de Artes Plásticas del CEC.

Since 2014 her artworks and projects have been shown, among others spaces and galleries, in Matadero Madrid PIVÔ Brasil, CAC Málaga, ACA’18 – I Foro de Arte Contemporáneo Andaluz y la XIX Mostra d’Art Públic de la Universidad de Valencia.

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