Pablo Atchugarry

Montevideo, Uruguay. 1954


Pablo Atchugarry is an Uruguayan sculptor known for his monumental marble artworks. With barely any help from his assistants, Atchugarry works directly on blocks of material he personally chooses to carry out his works. In addition to his works in stone, the artist also uses bronze finished in various patinas (such as car paint), ceramics, and wood.

Atchugarry’s works have to be understood as a whole, there is no single point of view from which to see the sculptures. These pieces invite the viewer to explore them, to know them, to appreciate each of the parts the artist discover in the carving, elements that transmit strength and dynamism. Throughout the artist’s career, we find that he works with both figurative and abstract sculpture.

His sculptures are in various public spaces in Europe and Latin America. In 2002, Carrara awarded him the Michelangelo Prize in recognition of his artistic career and in 2003 he represented Uruguay at the 50th Venice Biennale. He has participated in several exhibitions around the world and his works are part of large public and private collections.