Aracena, Spain. 1992

Guǎnlǐ de shǒu, The managed hand, 2019



Guǎnlǐ de shǒu is the phonetic translation to Chinese of the title “The managed hand” (Kang, 2003), a study on the work of beauty salons managed by Asian migrants, specialized in nail art and that sometimes, they offer massage service.

María Alcaide (Aracena, 1992) follows some previous lines of research, focusing on shedding light on the economic conditions of a young precarious class. In this project, she creates a beauty salon to talk about the emotional labor linked to service delivery related to the body. By doing so, some privilege and oppression mechanisms that take place in these salons are highlighted.

Hands that work with other hands, hands that touch, but never affect each other: the managed hands.