Living room

Living Room arises as a response to the new dynamics of production and cultural consumption: it is the first exhibition at Badr El Jundi gallery completely digital.
One of the incipient lines of action of the gallery is the support to the artistic practices that arise in the local context. For this reason, as a starting point, Living Room presents the work of 4 Spanish artists.
Manage our leisure time and cultural enrichment from home and experience the routines that we have been doing beyond our door, it is part of the so-called new normal.

The Living Room project stresses the logic of public space – private space and explores its possibilities through a selection of video works from the artists María Alcaide, Natalia Dominguez, Cristina Mejías and Mercedes Pimiento. In his perseverance to maintain and expand interaction with his audiences, Badr El Jundi invites you to enjoy this exhibition from your home. The works will be scheduled online, month by month, over four months.

Get passwords for viewing them by clicking on each video.

18th February – 18th March 2021
Cristina Mejías

Temps vécu shows a conjoint writing exercise, in which the receptor does not discover the message transmitted to them until the narrator moves their hand (and with it, the pencil) on the paper.
Every trace of this silent dialogue is the only remnant that stays in this journey, in the shape of stitches and every stitch entails a gear between memory, transmission and learning. In the succession of drawings, the vice of the trace contains the imprint from the one narrating to the one listening to the gesture.


18th March – 18th April 2021
Natalia Dominguez


18th April – 18th May 2021
Mercedes Pimiento


18th May – 18th June 2021
María Alcaide