Eleonora Agostini

Venice, Italy. 1991

Eleonora Agostini shifts between photography, moving image, performance and sculpture, exploring and analysing the construction of personal identities and behaviours. Her work is strongly connected with the experience of our surroundings and she is interested in finding a possible fracture within our socially constructed rules and the spaces we inhabit.


Through the study of preconceived structures, whether physical or psychological, Eleonora aims to investigate the difficulties of how human experience is constructed.


She is interested in the psychological action of re-enactment used as a tool to investigate and gain insight into one’s life: re-enacting and re-imagining old memories and past experiences as a way to unfold and observe our personal histories.


Eleonora refers to the every-day as a space full of potential and possibilities for quests, incorporating ordinary objects and activities within her images to express and navigate its different layers and meanings.
Humor and absurdity are used as vessels for the discovery of new meaning within the mundane, and to transform an ordinary space into a place of experimentation.


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