Johan Deckmann

Copenhagen, Denmark. 1976

Copenhagen-based artist Johan Deckmann produces work that delves into the complexities of life, through amusing and wittily fabricated book titles that are painted onto fictional self-help books. Deckmann’s art presents us with a hybrid between paintings, poetry, and psychology.


Recognizing the immense capability of language in both therapy and art, Deckmann’s work forces the viewer to self-reflect. “I use the strengths from both of my fields, both creatively and intellectually to create a synergy that I would not otherwise be able to develop. Be aware of this duality within yourself.”


Johan Deckmann’s psychological background and practice is fundamental and central to his work, inspiring and providing the content, and furthermore, serving as a steady reminder of personal responsibility. A remarkable feature of Deckmann‘s work is the relatability of the book titles, regardless of gender, cultural background or age. Rather than solely presenting the sinister aspects, his work is made playful by adopting language that you may find on an instruction kit.



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