Igor Moritz

Lublin, Poland. 1996

Igor Moritz is a contemporary artist born in 1996 in Poland. At a young age he and his family moved to London, but when he was old enough, he returned to his home, Lublin, to pursue his studies in fine arts. His work has been featured in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums. He has also been featured in several articles, the most recent one being 2019 Art Basel Miami Beach Week: A Cheat Sheet to the Fairs, written by Claire Selvin for the ARTnews in November 2019.


Believing that life is art, Moritz uses his personal experiences to create a life of its own in the medium of painting. Color and visible, energetic brush strokes are very important in his creation, as they allow him to directly impact the mind of the viewer, as well as giving perspective of how the painting was made. Those in the most intimate circles are the ones he portrays, giving the viewer a view into Moritz’s world. His paintings and drawings flirt with mimesis while breaking all rules of perspective, proportion, and realism. He morphs and composes the perspective, space, and figures in a way, in order to create visual tension.



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