Tom Anholt

Bath / United Kingdom. 1987

Tom Anholt is a figurative painter born in 1987 in the UK. He studied Fine Art at Chelasea College of Art and Design in London, at Kunstfack in Stockholm and at Falmouth College of Arts. He has shown his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including at Kunstverein Ulm, at EIGEN +ART Lab in Berlin, at 1969 Gallery in New York, and Josh Lilley Gallery in London.


Tom Anholt’s work revolves around a potential transition, refusing rigidity and foregone conclusions. His paintings balance on the verge between the concrete and the abstract. Almost always they are repainted several times, and by revealing their own process of origination, they all tell a story. Anholt combs a galaxy of pictorial strategies to conjure a place both exotic and everyday, filtering modern life through a lens of art history, optical effects and florid allegory.



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