Lucía Tello

Sevilla, Spain. 1996

Lucía Tello’s work focuses on aesthetic issues that come from the contemporary female stereotype and raises a reflection on gender identity from a personal perspective.


The female gender identity, linked to the consumer society and the constant global flow of images, contains its own elements of representation that are intimately linked to specific behavior patterns and objects. The systematization of the female stereotype has undergone drastic changes in recent decades due to its diffusion through the media and advertising, whose foray into everyday life has given rise to a new mode of consumption of images; something that inevitably alters our relationship with reality. Through the appropriation of these images, female clichés are catalyzed in artistic production, which are introspectively reviewed through the aesthetics of children’s toys. The artist is interested in the toy for its visual appeal and for the values ​​of femininity it contains. From these references recurring associations are drawn to female gender identity such as the ideal of beauty, the superficial and the decorative. These qualities are present and common in stereotypical advertising images that show us idealized life models, linked to the appearance and aesthetics of the domestic sphere.


As a result of the analysis of various sources, Lucía generates a discourse that lies between the search for the idealized common identity that has been imposed as a gender and the recognition of these forms as her own. She proposes a narrative that starts from experimentation and research with different materials, exploring their expressive and rhetorical possibilities. In this way, the work is situated in the simulation of the western canon as a conscious fiction to raise deep questions from the superficiality of the matter.


May My Eyes
Catch the light when it’s cloudy
So close, come on
Composite Materiality
Constructing an imaginary
Trace Evidence
Female Gaze
Salvaje y Dulce
A Blurry Aftertaste
It’s Not Just A Portrait
Vision of figure
Over All
Talking all Day
The last slice
Processing the past and digesting the future
Down To Earth
Living Room


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