Estampa Contemporary Art Fair

Estampa Contemporary Art Fair

Feria Estampa

Badr El Jundi gallery presents in its first participation at Estampa fair the project: From the origin and back to it. A conversation between the works of Bea Bonafini, García_Fernández (SomosNosotros), Ardeshir Tabrizi and Kristian Touborg.


The proposal foresees starting from the plasticity of the elements used in the creation of these and emphasizes the origin from which the idea and the need to communicate starts. Passing through the development process in the studio, where the materials take forms and they generate profiles guided by the artist’s gestures, including in those textures and forms experiences and habits of our society.


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KTOUBORG Balancing Time Between Your Eyes  BBONAFINI 4

ATABRIZI A portrait of Ṭhākur Śrī Rāj Singhjī  GARFER Rizo greca sudor

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