Down To Earth

9 March 2023  – 22 April 2023

Harriet Gillett, Try a little_Tenderness

“Down To Earth” proposes a journey that starts from the figuration of what is lived and the everyday, to new figures. Therefore, nature is seen as a muse and then it forms daydream images, with fluid forms that live together with contemporary figures.


The exhibition brings together the work of 8 international artists. From the most figurative to the most abstract. Between the ordinary and the extraordinary. The traditional and the contemporary. Objects, Moments and scenes reveal memories that Flow to our reality.


The expression down-to-earth means: be realistic, practical, pragmatic, have a head and common sense. On numerous occasions we have our feet on the ground. Both literally and metaphorically.

Starting with the work of Catherine Haggarty (Brooklyn, USA. 1984) we begin with our feet on the ground in the most literal way possible. The artist uses the ground as a location but also as a theme with her paintings inviting viewers to reflect on the space, provoking memories linked to matter, nature and home. 


The artist born in the Philippines, currently living in the United States, MJ Torrecampo (Philippines, 1992), investigates through her paintings the individual relationship with the group, the mundane and the family. She constructs images that are memories with details that suggest underlying tension and doubt: a sense of belonging and not belonging.


British artist Harriet Gillett (East Yorkshire, UK. 1995), is interested in the elusiveness of language, memory and the way in which we find a feeling of belonging. Gillett seeks to offer a space of transition that is both inside and outside of the viewer’s experience, adopting a surreal logic of transforming everyday scenes into smoky dreamscapes where figures merge with her landscapes.


The artist Stefan Jeske (Ulm, Germany. 1979) works with painting from an imaginary that he himself describes as ingenious, sometimes satirical, dealing with contradictions. He raises surreal landscapes, belonging to the world of dreams. Through his compositions, he creates a place or moment with some kind of magic to escape from the noises of society.


Rowley Haynes (London, UK. 1996) goes from nature scenes to family photos without trying to make such references recognizable, but instead layered the images to create allegorical meanings, transporting the viewer into a dreamlike dimension. The works resulting from this composition process are reminiscent of still lifes, where the object is a symbol of a message and not an end in itself.

In her recent paintings, Millie Kelly (Devon, UK. 1993) develop ways of exploring the natural, emotional and imagined world. The imaginary is a projection of her fantasy world, with the characters, scales, and viewpoints drawn from her own imagination. Kelly uses the birds and animals in the paintings as a visual reflection of her emotions.


Lucía Tello (Sevilla, Spain. 1996) focuses on aesthetic issues that come from the contemporary female stereotype and raises a reflection on gender identity from a personal perspective, linked to the consumer society and the constant global flow of images, it contains its own elements of representation closely linked to patterns of behavior and specific objects.


Clément Poplineau (Lyon, France. 1991), draws on the Renaissance style to make portraits of young people from the suburbs. The artist puts centuries and social hierarchies at the same level. And as the origin of the portrait indicates, Poplineau’s paintings do not speak about identity, class and power. Poplineau uses historical material to create contemporary paintings.

Harriet Gillett, Try a little_Tenderness
HARRIET GILLETT, Try a little_Tenderness, 2023
Oil on canvas, 28 x 38 x 3.5 cm
MJ Torrecampo, illinois
MJ TORRECAMPO, illinois, 2023
Oil on canvas, 76 x 45.72 cm
MJ Torrecampo, Aironhigh
MJ TORRECAMPO, Aironhigh, 2023
Oil on canvas, 76 x 45.72 cm
Catherine Haggarty, Studio Floor in Fall
CATHERINE HAGGARTY, Studio Floor in Fall, 2022
Oil on canvas, 40.64 x 50.80 cm
Catherine Haggarty, 6am
Oil on canvas, 114 x 91.4 cm
ROWLEY HAYNES, Untitled, 2023
Oil on canvas, 76.5 x 102 cm
Stefan Jeske, It´s a bird, it is a plane
STEFAN JESKE, It´s a bird, it is a plane, 2018
Oil on canvas, 150 x 115 cm
Stefan Jeske, It´s all a mytery
STEFAN JESKE, It´s all a mystery, 2020
Oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm
Millie Kelly, Mother Goose
MILLIE KELLY, Mother Goose, 2023
Oil on canvas ,150 x 120 cm
CLEMENT POPLINEAU, Connected Jewel, 2022
Oil on canvas, 30 x 24 cm
Oil on canvas, 30 x 24 cm
Lucía Tello – Runa Prety
LUCÍA TELLO, Runa "Pretty", 2021
Oil on canvas, 92 x 65 cm
Lucía Tello – Isla
LUCÍA TELLO, Isla, 2022
Oil on canvas, 130 x 89 cm
Harriet Gillett, Touch the sun brother
HARRIET GILLETT, Touch the sun brother, 2022. ed 1/1
Watercolour monoprint on paper, 29 x 39 cm
Harriet Gillett, Places words won´t reach-1
HARRIET GILLETT, Places words won't reach-1, 2022 ed.1/1
Watercolour monoprint on paper, 29 x 39 cm
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