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Holder: Badr El Jundi Art Gallery S.L.
Tax Identification Number: B93649150
Address: Urb. Villa padierna Golf&Beach Resort, Crt. de Cádiz Km. 16629679, Marbella, Málaga, Spain.
E-mail: info@badreljundigallery.com
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Upload, post or otherwise transmit any material that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, tortious, obscene, hateful, racist, defamatory, pornography or otherwise contrary to law.
Introduce any kind of malicious software or carry out operations for altering, damaging, interrupting, or generating errors or damages in the electronics documents, dates or physical and logical system of El Jundi Art Gallery or third parties;
Hinder the access to other Users to the website and its services through massive consume of computer resources (Ddos) though El Jundi Art Gallery provides its services.
Post material or content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, rights of privacy or publicity, or other proprietary right or intellectual property right of any party;
Create a false identity or impersonate the identity or any other user with the purpose of deceiving others.
Reproduce, copy, distribute, make available to or any other form of public communication, transform or modify the contents of website, unless authorized by the holders of the rights.
Collect or store other users’ personal data for advertising purposes and sending advertising of any kind and communications with sales or other commercial fines without your prior request of consent.
Copyright Notice

All brands, trade names, distinctive signs, design and presentation of the elements available in this Website (graphics, images, photographs, paintings, samples, materials, industrial technologies, files, logos, and any element susceptible to protection), are owned by El Jundi Art Gallery or the Artist who collaborate with this Website and with the Holder. All these contents may be modified at any time by El Jundi Art Gallery.

It is forbidden any kind of reproduction, transformation, communication, modification, assignment, public communication or transmission and in general any of other form of partial or total exploitation of the elements referred to in the previous section that infringes the property rights of El Jundi Art Gallery or third parties. As well as, it is forbidden any kind of action which infringe upon the dignity of people, the current law or any conduct that incites or constitutes the realization of a criminal offence.

The publication of elements referred in other websites, digital media or writing requires the consent of El Jundi Art Gallery and of the artwork´s owners, in any case, any publication must make explicit reference to the ownership of intellectual property rights of the artists.

Unless expressly authorization of El Jundi Art Gallery, it is forbidden linking to “final pages”, the “frame” and any other similar manipulation. Links must always be to the home page or homepage of the Website.

Links use

The User who wants to link the present Website from his/her own website must fulfill the present terms and conditions, its lack of knowledge shall not avoid the responsibilities arising from the law.

The link shall automatically associate it with El Jundi Art Gallery homepage, but it is not allowed to reproduce it in ay way (online links, text copy, graphics, …). It is forbidden, in any case, in accordance with the applicable law in any time, to establish any kind of frames that surround the Website or that allows the display of the contents trough different Internet addresses of the El Jundi Art Gallery’s website, and, in any case, when it is viewed next to outside content in the way of:

Produce, or may produce, mistake, confusion or deception in the users about the true origin of the services or contents;
Assume an act of unfair comparison or imitation;
Serve to take advantage of the reputation of the brand and prestige of El Jundi Art Gallery and/or the artist;
who collaborate in the website;
Any kind of display prohibited by current legislation.
In this Website shall not be published any kind of false, inaccurate or incorrect statement about El Jundi Art Gallery, his address, employers and clients or about the quality of his services.

In no case, El Jundi Art Gallery consent the insertion of this Website or that sponsors, collaborates, verifies or supervises the services of the sender.

The use of any word mark, graphic or mixed, or any other distinctive sign of the El Jundi Art Gallery within de sender´s website is forbidden, except in the allowed cases by law or expressly authorized by El Jundi Art Gallery.

The website which shall use the link of this Website must faithfully comply with the valid legislation and may not have, in any case, or link to own or third-party contents that may be:

Illegal, harmful or undermine the moral and good practise (pornography, violent, racist,…)
Induce or may induce to the User in a false conception that the El Jundi Art Gallery subscribes, endorse or in any way support the ideas, manifestations or expressions, lawful or illegal from the sender.
Inappropriate or not related with the activity of El Jundi Art Gallery in accordance to the place, contents and theme of the Website. Likewise, the user will refrain to include on the Website any hyperlink directed to a website that contain illegal contents or undermine the moral.
Limitation of Liability. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

The content of this Website fulfills the duty of exhibit the offered services, however it shall not guarantee the access to all contents of El Jundi Art Gallery, neither its completeness, correctness, validity, nor its usefulness or usefulness for it the specific objective. Although El Jundi Art Gallery undertakes to carry out all possible task tending to correct errors and restores the communication and update content.

El Jundi Art Gallery excludes and limits its responsibility, always within the legal limits, to any kind of liability liquidated damages of any nature derived from:

The damages caused by the misuse that the User may make of his website.
The alterations in the services that occur due to failures in the electricity network, in in the data connection network, in the server or in any of the services, in addition to failures caused by malware or other elements that may exist and cause damage to the computer systems, electronic documents or Users files in their website or third-party website.
The third party’s actions that violate intellectual and industrial property rights, business secrets, rights to honor, personal and family privacy and the image itself, as well as the regulations on unfair competition and illegal advertising.
The impossibility of accessing to the website or a lack of veracity and accuracy in the contents, as well as the existence of defects in all the showed content in the website.
Failure to comply with the laws, public order and this legal notice as a result of improper use of the website.
Any responsibility about the information that find outside this website and is not managed directly by El Jundi Art Gallery.
El Jundi Art Gallery have technologies to minimize the risk of malware and similar software and unauthorized content in its information systems. Despite this, the User must take his own measures aimed to minimizing damage caused by these risks.

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