FONDO Supper Club for “Processing the past and digesting the future”

FONDO Supper Club for “Processing the past and digesting the future”

FONDO Supper Club

FONDO Supper Club recently held an intervention at Badr El Jundi Gallery, where they transformed the space to create a dinner completely inspired by the exhibition “Processing the past & digesting the future” curated by Huma Kabakci and featuring artists Saelia Aparicio, Anna Perach, Rafal Zajko, Amba Sayal-Bennett and Yulia Iosilzon.


Focused on the ENS (Enteric Nervous System), using ingredients that are related to good intestinal health, Fondo makes a reflection on the different aspects of the brain to body connection.




The menu commenced by reimagining “Emotional Eating,” which explored the foods we are drawn to when we experience emotional imbalance. The starters were preceded by a guided meditation. The first starter, linked to the concept of “Nerve-Calming,” featured ingredients known to have a calming effect on the enteric nervous system. Next was the dish named “Sensory Overload,” which played with the idea of overwhelming the senses through a combination of contrasting flavors, textures, and temperatures. Another dish, “Microbiome Diversity,” aimed to promote a diverse microbiome by showcasing an array of fermented foods and prebiotic ingredients. The main dish, “Gut Feeling,” emphasized the importance of intuition and incorporated fiber-rich ingredients. To round off the experience, the dessert, titled “Brain-Belly Connection,” delved into the relationship between the brain and the gut. The entire culinary journey was complemented by a selection of natural wines.




Photos by: Katie Pattenaude

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